How do I know if I'm pregnant | Early pregnant symptoms

 A pregnant woman has great passion and happiness when she realizes that she is pregnant, and we see in some cases that because of the intensity of the pregnant woman’s passion and her long wait, she seeks to know if she is pregnant or not, because she estimates the duration of pregnancy, which for her is a very great thing, and she calculates the days, hours and minutes because Her keen interest in this matter. 

How do I know that I am pregnant without visiting the doctor's office? Do you know, dear female, that you can know that you are pregnant without visiting a doctor and without using a pregnancy detection device? This is simply through some of the symptoms and some ways that show if you are pregnant or not.

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How do I know if I am pregnant without a test?

How to know if your pregnant

There are several ways to know whether or not ethnic pregnancy is present. For example, a pregnancy detection device can be used, which is a small device found in every pharmacy or medical hospital, but in some cases we find that there are some people who are not suited to scientific methods in detecting pregnancy, and most of them resort to natural methods such as Symptoms and signs that appear on the female during pregnancy, and this is what we will learn about, such as natural symptoms, methods of detecting the sex of the fetus, and ways to know whether there is a pregnancy or not.

Early pregnant symptoms

Are changes in the breast is a sign of pregnancy? According to the Parents website, changes in the shape of the breast in terms of size or color of the nipple directly indicate the presence of pregnancy in most cases, in addition to binge eating and urination a lot, which occurs due to the so-called secretions of pregnancy hormones in pregnant women changes in flavor Food and the sense of taste, where the mouth feels bitter in most cases, these symptoms are accompanied by contractions in the uterus from the descent of some drops of blood.

how to know if I'm pregnant without a test

Pregnancy can be known without the need to visit a doctor through the presence of some symptoms that accompany pregnancy, such as the presence of lower abdominal pain such as menstrual pain and the presence of some abnormal secretions such as blood or brown drops, due to the implantation of the egg accompanied by these symptoms and the presence of lethargy and more ability to sleep And eating, we add to that extreme fatigue upon waking with vomiting after four weeks of pregnancy, with severe headaches and loss of sense of taste with a sense of high temperature.

One of the worst symptoms that a pregnant woman is exposed to is getting severe weakness in her body for no reason, due to the high hormone in the pregnant woman's body called progesterone.

How know i'm pregnant while breastfeeding

Is it possible to get pregnant while the baby is breastfeeding? Although the percentage is very small, this is likely to happen, it is possible to get pregnant during breastfeeding and here are some symptoms of pregnancy during the breastfeeding period. 

Symptoms of pregnancy during the breastfeeding period are as follows: severe headache with mood swings, lack of acceptance by the child of the mother’s nipple and her milk, breast swelling with color change, dizziness with vomiting, frequent urination at night, agitation and extreme nervousness.

how do i know i'm pregnant with a girl?

How do you know you are pregnant through salt? Pregnancy can be detected by urinating into a container with some salt, and if there is foam on the surface of the container, this indicates the presence of pregnancy.

This method cannot be confirmed by it, but it has a good reputation. Urinating on barley and wheat is one of the ways to detect pregnancy.

This is shown by urinating on barley seeds. If the seeds sprout, you are pregnant with a boy, and if wheat seeds sprout, you are pregnant with a girl, and this method, according to a study conducted, is successful by a large percentage of up to 70 percent. How do I know that I am pregnant through chlorine? Chlorine is a way to detect pregnancy, by urinating with some chlorine. If foam appears on the surface, this indicates a large percentage of pregnancy.

How do I know if I am pregnant from the navel?

The method of detecting pregnancy through the navel is a traditional method used by ancient peoples to detect the presence of pregnancy, and the method was very effective in the Middle Ages.

The method of detecting pregnancy from the navel was through the use of a mirror that detects the pregnant woman by lying on her back, and the other woman knocks on the navel if a hollow sound is heard inward. There is pregnancy and during this process the pregnant woman feels a pulse on the tips of her fingers.