USA WhatsApp group links 2023 - more than 900 interactive USA WhatsApp group links

More than 900 USA WhatsApp group links 2023

WhatsApp groups are one of the best features of the famous WhatsApp application. WhatsApp groups or groups are a group chat room in which participants can exchange text messages, audio files, photos, and videos, and it includes a huge number of members.

And the developers of the WhatsApp application have worked to develop the WhatsApp group in a very terrible way, as in the last period the developers of the program increased the members of the participants within a single WhatsApp group and increased the number of members from (513) members, to more than a thousand members, almost participating within the WhatsApp group  single dad.

What is the WhatsApp application

The WhatsApp application is one of the most powerful and oldest applications among the chatting and messaging applications over the Internet, as we all know when we have a mobile phone, we must download the WhatsApp application to chat with relatives and friends who are far from us and who are close to us in terms of distance.

Within the WhatsApp application, it has many and countless advantages, as the addition of new features and versions has made the WhatsApp application among the best chatting applications that most people in the world need, especially for people who own mobile phones.

 And the WhatsApp application does not only work on very powerful devices whose price is very high, but that this application has the ability to work on weak devices and medium devices, and these types of mobile phones are affordable for most people, and they have the ability to buy them. We also talked about that the WhatsApp application contains many features, so let us mention some of the main and important features within the WhatsApp application.

 The most powerful feature available in the WhatsApp application is the WhatsApp groups feature, or WhatsApp groups, as most users call it.

Whatsapp groups 2023

WhatsApp groups are one of the best common and available methods at the present time, and the developers within the official WhatsApp application have introduced the feature of WhatsApp groups or what we all know as WhatsApp groups in the recent period, and this feature has achieved great success for the main WhatsApp application.

 And as we all know that the WhatsApp application is the best chatting and instant messaging application, and the application has more than a billion and a half users around the world, and after adding the WhatsApp groups or groups feature, the WhatsApp application has become more fun and exciting for the majority of users.

WhatsApp groups have become very important and useful for all users of the WhatsApp application, especially for people who work with each other in a profession or a factory, as they can communicate with each other directly and without wasting much time.

Especially merchants, in order to offer, sell or buy goods, or factory owners who want people to work in their factories. Whereas, WhatsApp groups are rooms available in the WhatsApp application, in which many people from different countries and races share.

Where the members participating in the WhatsApp group or group can send messages to the WhatsApp group, if one of the moderators has given the members permission to send messages and files such as photos, videos, etc.. and sometimes the moderators lock the group and thus the participating members will not be able to send any kind From messages to the WhatsApp group, only the Levantines.

And the supervisors within the group are promoted to the level of supervision by the person who owns the group or the person who created that group or the WhatsApp group, and the person who owns the group can promote more than one supervisor within the WhatsApp group that he owns.

Advantages of WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp groups have many advantages that made them one of the main features in the WhatsApp application, so there are many advantages available within WhatsApp groups, including:

  • The WhatsApp groups feature is one of the easiest to use features in the WhatsApp application, as it is easy to use and never complicated.

  • WhatsApp groups have a huge number of people inside, and the number of people participating in the WhatsApp group has been developed from 513 members to 1025 members.

  • Anyone participating in the WhatsApp group can send text messages, audio recordings, photos, videos, files, and documents, and a group contact number or a location via a map can be shared.

  • Sometimes members can change the name of the group or the image of the group icon and also change the description of the group, but members can modify these settings within the WhatsApp group when the supervisors have granted the powers to modify the group settings for any participating member exclusively within the WhatsApp group.

  • Where the moderators can close or open the group at the time they want, and when the group is closed, the participating members within the WhatsApp group can no longer send any kind of messages or files, but they can receive messages that the moderators send only from text messages, pictures, videos, files, etc...

  • There is also a wonderful feature within the WhatsApp group, which is when anyone shares any type of message to the group, he can read all the details about this questioner, by long pressing on the message he sent and then clicking on three dots at the top of the screen on the left side And then click on the information or details of the message, and then a page will appear for us in which we can see only the people who viewed that message and the people who received the message.

WhatsApp group links 2023

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What is the role of moderators in WhatsApp groups?

And the administrators have many powers that they can modify and delete also within the WhatsApp group, such as the group name or the image of the group icon, and modify many things within the WhatsApp group for members, such as closing the group and preventing anyone from sending any type of message to the group.

And many other settings that moderators can modify within the WhatsApp group. Since anyone who wants to join WhatsApp groups can join any WhatsApp group, and you have the condition that the person who wants to join WhatsApp groups must own the WhatsApp application and that the application is activated, that is, the person has a personal number inside the application And to contact one of the group’s moderators in order to add it to the WhatsApp group.

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